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Your thoughts on the #BiggestGuestEver

Charles and Sumair took to Instagram to tease that their #BiggestGuestEver is making an appearance on their podcast “SOMEDAY“, they asked followers to share who they thought the biggest guest ever is, we’ve looked at these and below are our thoughts along with a likelihood rating:

Little Blu

Little Blu is the animated little alien created by The AlphaApps’ managing director Sumair. He has appeared on all of The AlphaApps’ platforms but is yet to be part of The SOMEDAY Podcast. On a recent episode featuring TikTok Influencer Naomi El, it was announced Little Blu will be part of the final episode of the year, This announcement automatically rules him out as the #BiggestGuestEver

likelihood: 0%

A Trump Family Member

This one may sound bizarre but the someday podcast recently has been discussing politics and there are many members of The Trump family, so one of them could be available for the chat. The only question is whether or not the Trumps are a good fit for what the podcast stands for. likelihood: 45%


For any internet related guest, KSI would certainly fit the description perfectly as #BiggestGuestEver but chances are KSI might be too big. With that said, this was one offering that was given a “maybe” as opposed to the immediate “nope most others got... did Charles and Sumair manage to secure a KSI interview or is it possibly someone linked to KSI?

likelihood: 70%


Deji could poten also fit under the category of “Biggest Guest Ever” but might also be a little more accessible than his brother KSI. The idea of a “maybe” for KSI could suggest someone linked to him, so has lead some people to believe it could be Deji! One thing to remember though... Someday isn’t a pop culture podcast so would only have guests who fit the image of the podcast and it’s purpose, this could rule out Deji.

likelihood: 75%

Deno Driz:

It's known by some followers of The AlphaApps (as revealed on the second episode of SOMEDAY) that Charles and Deno went to the same school. There could potentially be the contact there to get this up and coming singer/rapper Deno on the SOMEDAY podcast and with over half a million followers, this could be enough to be the biggest guest so far on the SOMEDAY podcast.

likelihood: 95%

That’s your guesses so far! Check back here soon for our predictions!


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