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Widgets, Videos, Phone Calls- what we learned from Apple's WWDC2020

On Monday 22nd Apple launched WWDC2020 and as always, kicked it off with some game changing announcements. Here are some of our personal highlights from the event.

iOS 14 Updates

The first news came surrounding Apple's most widely used product... iOS for iPhones and

iPads (iPadOS). We were truly excited by the many new changes to come about from the new interface on iOS 14! Apple have announced the ability of customised widgets, where users can determine the size of location of the widgets.

Apple have also reduced the need for so many screens as well with the introduction of

Artificial Intelligence to group your apps automatically on a secondary menu for apps you do not want to prioritise. They hav coined this 'Apple Library'.

One of our favourite feature of iOS 14 was their 'picture in picture video' capability.

You can watch a video on one app, but maybe you want to use your Notes, or send a message, well that's fine as you are able to have your video play in the corner (or on half) of your screen.

Now, our favourite feature in iOS 14 definitely has to be one that people have been craving for years... if someone phones you while you're using your phone, he notification will no longer take over your entire screen! A fantastic addition to let us ignore calls with more ease!

iPad0S 14

Most of the updates for iPad0S 14 were more or less the same as that for iOS 14 (obviously) but one they spoke about that was a big highlight for us was Apple Pencil's new 'scribble' feature. The software will recognise handwriting and shapes better than ever and turn your writing into text/better structured shapes. Brilliant.

Well hello there Big Sur!

Apple have announced their newest operating system, taking on the name 'Big Sur' (with reasons (we think) we will explain next). The operating system is absolutely stunning! What we took from this was while Apple have tried to maintain some of it's historical MacOS design, we can see more similarities to the mobile operating systems. We predict a potential "iMac Touch". in the future perhaps?

Apple Silicon


Ever since the launch of iMac, Apple have always always used a third party chip for their

processor, but at WWDC20, Apple announced their very own custom designed processor, 'Apple Silicon'. This is going to be a true game changer as it now means Apple now have a processor that is perfect for their hardware and software, meaning the possibilities for future products just widened far more than ever before!


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