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What we learned from BCK on SOMEDAY

BCK appeared as a guest on episode 2 of SOMEDAY's second season and this episode certainly didn't disappoint. Before we go into what happened in this episode, for those who don't know... who exactly is BCK?

BCK (real name Bailey) is a 15 year old rapper from Essex who has built an audience via his Instagram page where he promotes his music. From listening to this episode we found he was able to grow his page by thousands of followers in 2020 by getting himself recognised on various live streams hosted by some of he most influential people and brands in the UK music scene.

As far as musical influences we, we found out that BCK's biggest inspiration is Dave. In fact, Dave's name was probably mentioned more times than any other word in the entire episode! Think you can count how many times it was said? Go listen to the episode now and let us know! (HINT: Most of he mentions happened during the THIS OR THAT game at the end!)

THIS OR THAT *SPOILER* Since beating Andres in Episode 2 of SOMEDAY Season 1, Charles has been on a losing streak when it comes to THIS or THAT. Charles faced a crushing defeat against TikTok comedian CrustyKurd on Episode 1 this year too, however, BCK became the first loss to Charles since the losing streak began, but Bailey definitely creating one of our favourite games of the show so far! (and we're sure Charles's favourite game too since he won!)

The show took a slight turn when BCK and Sumair shared their own personal stories of being involved in some seriously dangerous accidents. Bailey explained that he was involved in seriously gruesome experience which involved him slipping from his bike and the handle-bar stabbing him in his gut. This life-threatening accident lead to him being in hospital and is something he references in his music.

There's much more to be heard in this brilliant episode with Bailey, on behalf of he SOMEDAY hosts, we want to thank BCK for taking the time to be part of SOMEDAY! The full episode is available now via Spotify and all other places where you can stream podcasts!

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