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What's your Super Power?

In honour of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd 2021, The AlphaApps are teaming up with MIND, to ask you "What's Super Power do you want to have?"

The AlphaApps are committing up to £250 to MIND via social media, but require YOUR support to make this happen! Every day from Sunday 28th March 2021 until Sunday April 4th 2021, The AlphaApps will ask via their Instagram Story (@TheAlphaApps) "What Super Power do you want?"

For every super power response received, £1 will be donated to MIND.

"In a time where it is more difficult for most to spend their own money, we're looking forward to sponsoring MIND this year by finding a way for people to donate to the incredible charity without having to spend their own money." - AlphaApps CEO Charles Clayton says.

MIND is a charity which focuses on supported anybody who is dealing with any mental health issues, including Autism.


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