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What could be in Space Cruise 2?

Recently we posted an article on here about a possible Space Cruise 2 tease that came from The AlphaApps’ Instagram Q&A Session, it’s got us on the web team thinking... what additions could be on a Space Cruise 2. In this post we explore some of the endless possibilities!

1) A second playable character

Many of the greatest games introduce a new character at some point in their series, Super Mario had Luigi, Sonic The Hedgehog had Tails, so maybe there could be a second character in Space Cruise 2. The original Space Cruise game gained attention from the media for having a black character as the main character in the game. Space Cruise was made with the intention of shattering stereo types and changing the way we see gaming characters. We think if this is a theme the AlphaApps wants to carry on in this series, we believe a second playable character could not only be possible, but could be a female. This could also make sense as The AlphaApps' current new branding campaign features both blue and pink, a suggesting that The AlphaApps may be trying to appeal to more than just a male demographic maybe?

2) New Galaxies to explore

Space Cruise was a fun game to play on the go but we feel one thing it was missing was more beautiful backgrounds to enjoy. If we are going to get a Space Cruise 2, we think it'll be worth adding more colour to the mix by having all new galaxies to cruise through! This could bring in the addition of levels which can make the game all the more interesting!

3) Customised Outfits

Speaking of adding more colour- this is a must-have feature! We think Charles' board and outfit was great but maybe we should be able to customise the colours a little, change up the outfit now and again. Let us change the look of our playable character and it could add more spice to the game!

4) 3D Graphics

This is one we are probably not betting on as we can imagine if there was to be a 3D version of the game, The AlphaApps would not launch this in only the second edition. But how amazing would space and the cruise board look in glorious 3D?! While we don't think this will necessarily be likely for Space Cruise 2, we know The AlphaApps have intentions on working with 3D graphics in their games going into the next year or so, which does make this a possibility! I personally hope we get a Space Cruise 3D as the third instalment of the game at least!

5) Little Blu

If you have been following The AlphaApp on social media during quarantine, you'll know about Little Blu. This guy is pretty much a mascot, the face of the brand. We see him almost everywhere so it would only make sense for him to appear on Space Cruise 2. Also- to add to more reasons why Little Blu could be on Space Cruise 2; in the bonus episode of Little Blu's Story (as seen on @TheAlphaApp via Instagram), Little Blu actually sends Charles out of the planet and on the Space Cruise. Surely with the link between these two franchises, in the comic, we must then get to see them clash again in the game? I certainly hope so! I'm not entirely sure what Blu could do, he could be a playable character or could be used as a weapon to destroy rocks (we know Blu can shoot as he has this ability on Little Blu's World).

Well, there you have it! Those are my 5 things I would like to see in a possible Space Cruise 2. Now I know the chances of a space cruise 2 might be slim, but it could still happen as could all of these features!

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