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Welcome To The AlphaApps' Blog!

Updated: May 27, 2020

If you're reading this it's most likely because you have recently found out about "The AlphaApps", we are a new app development company based in London who initially started out as an innovative school STEM project idea but transformed into a business! Now you're reading our blogs!

Photo of Sumair and Charles
Sumair (left) and Charles (right)

Who writes these blogs?

These blogs are written by the new AlphaApps webteam as well as AlphaAppss' leadership team in The AlphaApps; former student-teacher duo; Charles Clayton and Sumair Mohammad. We are going to be using this as a new platform to engage with anyone who is currently interested in anything to do with The AlphaApps, but we have a main focus on talking life experiences, education, advise, stress and most importantly; motivational strategies!

Why write these blogs?

As The AlphaApps, we are on a mission to encourage more young people to get involved in the world of technology. This is an industry that is so open for all, you'd think they could afford to buy a new door at least (sorry; these terrible jokes come from Sumair). We want to show you how you can start up your own business or get your foot in the door of this incredibly exciting, innovative and ever-changing world of technology.

How regularly will we be posting?We aim to post on here once a week, updating you on anything that we think you might like. Our blogs will also appear on our partners company; TheNeedToLive, go check them out!


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