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The AlphaApps x Spotify

The AlphaApps have been given the greenlight with Spotify as an approved publisher of video podcasts!

Starting with Season 3 of The AlphaApps' popular podcast 'SOMEDAY', which launches on April 2nd 2022, the show can be experienced in it's video format exclusively on Spotify!

In our meeting earlier today where they announced this news to the team, Charles Clayton commented "SOMEDAY while it is great as just an audio podcast, many elements of our show are better suited to a video format so working with Spotify to make this happen is a step forward we've always envisioned."

One of our questions we had asked to Sumair when they announced this news in our weekly update meeting was what will happen to the other podcast platforms, Sumair assured us, "SOMEDAY will still be available on all of our podcast platforms, however, where previously listeners of the show had to pay a subscription fee on Patreon to watch the show, they can now watch it for free via Spotify. So we'll still be available on all platforms as we always have been, but now Spotify gives you the option to watch us as well as just listen."


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