The AlphaApps tease #BiggestGuestEver on SOMEDAY Podcast

Since the weekend videos were posted over The AlphaApps’ social media channels announcing

that Sumair and Charles’ podcast “SOMEDAY” just finished recording an interview with their Biggest Guest Ever!

Currently The podcast co-hosts are not revealing who this is but promise the guest to be “one of the most recognisable names on the internet”

Normally the web team members are in the know about everything going on in The AlphaApps (or we like to think we do!) but no one has said anything to us about who this guest is!

The SOMEDAY Podcast is the premier podcast from The AlphaApps. It is coined by Sumair as “The Number 1 AlphaApps Podcast In The World” which he claims as a joke but also a tribute to his favourite podcast Impaulsive which is where the SOMEDAY podcast gets its inspiration from.

At this point we are getting our creative hats on to come up with a list of guests we think it could be. Check back here soon for the latest updates including our thoughts on your predictions, our own predictions and an official announcement on who the #BiggestGuestEver is!


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