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The AlphaApps joins Nintendo

This morning, Sumair and Charles announced to us that The AlphaApps has officially become a licensed Nintendo Developer.

Earlier this week, rumours began circulating about The AlphaApps bringing a game to Nintendo's platforms as it was suggested by Sumair during an Instagram Q&A, but it was too vague to know for sure.

We are so excited to hear that The AlphaApps will be working on a game for Nintendo! No details have been released yet in terms of what the first AlphaApps x Nintendo video game will be, we can imagine though that this is a venture that both Sumair and Charles are taking very seriously as they'll begin work on leading a project to develop the very first console game by The AlphaApps..

Thinking deeper about this announcement has had us in The AlphaApps web team think of a few things, the first being could we see Little Blu, The AlphaApps' biggest franchise make a jump into the world of Nintendo? This was such an entertaining idea and we'll be putting a post up about our thoughts on the value Little Blu could bring to the Nintendo platform.

The other thing we were curious about was whether or not The AlphaApps will be exclusive to Nintendo. Charles Clayton confirmed to us this morning that The AlphaApps are not exclusive to any developers platform and will continue to produce apps and games for iOS and Android.

The final thought that came to our heads was how long this announcement was in the making. Both Sumair and Charles have made multiple suggestions to Nintendo over the past three months, from Sumair showing himself enjoying Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze to Charles sharing light hearted humour about the Nintendo Switch Platform on an Instagram Q&As.

It should also be noted, the games released on the Nintendo platforms are not collaboration projects, they are AlphaApps games being published by Nintendo! Regardless, we're so excited to see what happens with this new AlphaApps x Nintendo adventure!


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