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Space Cruise 2? And other things we learned from Charles’ first ever Instagram Q and A!

Charles suggested whether or not there were plans for a Space Cruise 2 in the very revealing Instagram Q&A.

On Tuesday 26th May, AlphaApps CEO, Charles Clayton took to Instagram to answer questions via Instagram Stories. This was an Instagram first for Charles who is known to not necessarily be the biggest fan of social media, so users brought some interesting questions his way!

The biggest highlight came when Charles was asked about an update for Space Cruise. His initial response was “No” but followed it up quickly with saying “not for now anyway... if you’re expecting a Space Cruise 2 you’re going to have to wait quite a while.”

So this is sounding like there are clearly no plans in place to release Space Cruise 2 anytime soon but Charles hasn’t comply rejected the idea.

We would expect him not to reject it as Space Cruise is currently the number 1 game release from The AlphaApps, reaching download numbers by 5 times the expectations and even though we see The Little Blu franchise has been so popular, Space Cruise has even out-ranked our purple alien friend on the App Store!

So will there be a Space Cruise 2? Only time will tell!


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