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Logan Paul is coming to The AlphaApps's podcast

You heard it! Announced on December 2nd, The "IMPAULSIVE" host, The Maverick, Logan Paul was announced as the #BiggestGuestEver on SOMEDAY, The AlphaApp's premiere podcast.

In November, Charles Clayton and Sumair Mohammad announced they secured a conversation with the YouTuber turned Pro-Boxer, Logan Paul but kept it a big secret from everyone, telling us only that they had a conversation coming for the SOMEDAY podcast which featured their "Biggest Guest Ever" followers of the podcast began making hundreds of guesses as to who they think it could be with responses that teased everyone for a month...

Guesses included the likes of KSI, Chunkz, Deji and even Jake Paul, The AlphaApps then began launching more videos which created speculation for their audience as some believed they were clues with others suggesting it was all a deception.

"At first our intention was to give a really obvious clue that people would think we were deceiving them" Charles says. "it was a really fun campaign to do."

"Genuinely, this was a highlight for me, I've been a fan of Logan Paul for a few years now, I tell this story in our conversation with Logan on the podcast but in 2018, I knew how to use social media, but didn't know how to use it to build a brand, so Logan was one of four influencers I followed so I could see what they do on social media and use them as a model for our own pages. From following his content, I became a fan so to get the text from his manager's assistant that Logan Paul wanted to have a Zoom call with me was super exciting!"

You can hear the SOMEDAY podcast on most podcast platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Anchor and more!

The Someday Podcast is The AlphaApps' premiere podcast currently reaching over 50,000 people and growing each episode so far. The episode with Logan Paul is due to be released on December 20th titled "Our Conversation With Logan Paul" and is being billed as their "Biggest Episode Ever." with 2 other special guests alongside Logan Paul.


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