Recently, AlphaApps' managing director, Sumair Mohammad, announced updates to both Little Blu's World and Space Cruise coming soon in line with their respective Android launches.

We have already released a post about what we think could be in a Space Cruise update (click here for that), so now let's have a look at what we think could appear in a Little Blu's World update!


If you've played Little Blu's World you'll be familiar with the little green monsters, we think it'd be even more exciting if we could get some other monsters/enemies roaming the worlds that Little Blu is exploring.


At present, we see ourselves battling with the very difficult monster boss at the end of each world. We think a new Little Blu's World update could see alternative bosses appearing with the possibility that the challenge they possess is linked to the theme of the world.


We were thinking about when this game update could be released... our prediction was that it'll be with us in the winter, this could mean a winter themed or Christmas themed level? Little Blu vs Evil Sant perhaps? Bring it on!!!

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