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After much discussion and deliberation, it was recently confirmed that the instagram-comic character from only who knows where, Little Blu is going to be moving to WebToons!

The move is seen as the next step for the future of Little Blu's comic series, "Little Blu's Story" and a moves closer towards the goal that Sumair has in mind for Little Blu projects.

In February 2020, Little Blu made his debut via The AlphaApps' Instagram page and has been exclusive to Instagram for quite some time. The popular comic series has lead to a few other projects including a dance series, riddles and a video game.

Along with moving to WebToons, Sumair and Charles confirmed to us that there will be an entirely new Little Blu comic series coming to WebToons as well, known as "Little Blu's World Warp". While they didn't disclose much information about this comic series, it appears the series will have a link to gaming.

Along with moving to WebToons, comes The AlphaApps now launching themselves on Patreon giving you the chance to become an Alpha App. There are various memberships available with some brilliant benefits from early access to Little Blu comics to opportunities to be part of The AlphaApps' popular, critic

ally acclaimed... SOMEDAY podcast! Memberships start from as low as £3!

Little Blu goes live on WebToons from June 7th with the entire Season 2 to be shown. At present, Season 2 was put on pause for a few months but will now continue via WebToons! We look forward to seeing the reset of it!


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