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AlphaApps x Nintendo?

Last week, AlphaApps' managing director, Sumair Mohammad participated in a very revealing Instagram Q&A session. There were some very interesting statements made in terms of the future of gaming for The AlphaApps which leaves us all asking 'Are You Ready?"

AlphaApps collaborating with Nintendo?

One of the questions was posed to Sumair asking if there are other platforms The AlphaApps intends to release games on to which Sumair stated that in the future they intend to brand out into the console market!

Sumair suggested he could see a future where The AlphaApps launches a game on the Nintendo eStore. This has left us at The AlphaApps web team picturing a Nintendo style AlphaApps game, but that's a conversation for another post!

Could Little Blu be making his way to your Nintendo Switch in the future? Only time will tell!

The Android Update

A popular question in these Q&As has shown a demand for The AlphaApp to bring their current games over to the Android Operating Systems. No clear date has been specified but Sumair has stated that Little Blu's World and Space Cruise will make their way to the Google PlayStore this year.

While this is still far too vague, Sumair gave us something to be excited about! He claimed they are in the process of updating both Little Blu's World and Space Cruise and will bring these brand new updates to iOS and Android!

The web team sat down about a month ago to discuss potential updates to Space Cruise, which you can read about here. But a Little Blu's World update sounds very exciting to us! We will be zooming together soon to put our minds together to take guesses at what this could involved.

Is Leynner returning to The AlphaApps?

Leynner Caicedo, was recently interviewed by Sumair for the brand new podcast 'Someday'. This episode is set to come out in July/August so we don't know all the details about what happened, but the popular former AlphaApps member's appearance in a snippet on the instagram page (@TheAlphaApps) triggered the question about his return.

Sumair again made it clear Leynner has not been a member of The AlphaApps for over a year, however, he teased the idea of Leynner potentially re-appearing on the Instagram page for more than just the podcast, jokingly mentioning that Leynner wants to participate in Little Blu's riddle.

So the answer is no! Leynner will not be back in The AlphaApps anytime soon, but we can expect new Little Blu's World and Space Cruise updates as well as a potential Nintendo collaboration... maybe?


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