5 tips for staying positive during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being under quarantine can be quite stressful and challenging on your mental health. The AlphaApp Web Team is here to provide you with five tips to keep yourself positive. But before that... a quick DISCLAIMER! It is important that you follow your government's guidelines when considering these tips as while they may all be very helpful, depending on where you are in the world, your government may not recommend some of these, so please do check with your country's government guidelines before following any of these tips.

1) Teach yourself a new skill

Baking, Dancing, Rubix Cubes, Sports, Programming... the possibilities are endless! The most important thing here though is that you never know where your new skill could take you! Especially if you record yourself doing it and posting it online. Lady Leshurr (UK Rapper/YouTuber/Presenter) documented herself cooking every evening and has now found herself on MasterChef!

Also- YouTube has so many things to help you learn new skills, it's not all just KSI and Logan Paul, you can actually learn to make your own mobile apps through a few short YouTube videos. We highly recommend checking out BlackThornProd on YouTube, he actually helped to inspire the creation of our very own game 'Space Cruise'.

2) Play video games/board games with family

Human interaction is so important, if you are able to, you should spend time with your family playing board games, personally, I like Monopoly, the way everyone can win is if you manage to enrage one member of the family to flip the board! It's really the right way to end a game of Monopoly, you've never really played it if you haven't encountered a board flip.

3) Send a message to someone you haven't spoken to in a while

Please do remember that you never truly know when someone can be taken from your life, particularly at times like this. It's always a good idea to reach out to old friends, no matter how long you haven't spoken or why you haven't spoken, reach out. Talk about the good old days, plan a catch up when the pandemic is over, discuss what you've been up to since you last spoke. This may just be our most important tip, not only could you be saving your sanity, you just never know when someone else may be feeling a little lonely and even this brief type of conversation could make their day.

4) Go for a walk

It is so important that you get some exercise and time away from your normal settings. Walking is an activity that lets you really have time to yourself to collect your thoughts and bring some much needed sanity to your own life. I personally recommend walking on your own as it allows you to do this, but you may also enjoy a walk with a family member or friend as it provides you with a nice way to catch up and enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful weather.

5) Make a TikTok (seriously, read this on before you judge it!)

TikTok is a great tool for not only expressing yourself, but it's a great way of finding people who share similar interests... also you'll be surprised by the content you find on TikTok, it's not all dancing and bad lip-syncing (anymore!) there's something for everyone and you can add more too!