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Big T AR Adventures


Big T AR Adventures is a brand new exciting mixed reality game and comic book. The story of the game is told through a comic book but this story springs to life in YOUR world with Augmented Reality video games that are linked to the story you are reading on each page.

How does it all work?

You simply download the Big T App (coming soon to GooglePlay and The App Store), and get your hands on the Big T AR Adventures Comic Book. Use our app to scan a page from the comic and watch as the story unfolds into an exciting action packed mini-game on your own table, in your own room, wherever you are!

How do I get the comic?

You can get our full interactive physical comic book from selected stores (coming soon) or by ordering it from our website (check out the store).

You can also get the interactive digital copy FOR FREE in our free app!

Big T 5.png
School Bus.png
What games can I expect?

The games vary from Big T playing dodgeball with his owner Todd all the way to Big T battling with the mountain bears. Each game builds on from previous ones as Big T learns more about who he really is and gains new powers 


Along with the games, Big T AR Adventures come with additional abilities, levels and a special Big T  selfie-mode. In Selfie-mode you can select characters from the story to appear in your own environment so that you can take photos with them and share with your friends on social media! Show youself hanging out with Todd and Big T, bring yourself face to face with a mountain bear or do you dare look the devil in his eyes?

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