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Who are The AlphaApps?

The AlphaApps started as just three 14 year old students from South London who built a smartphone app as part of a STEM competition called The TeenTech Awards. During the second year of taking part in the competition, The AlphaApps won with their Augmented Reality Comic Book project. This is the project they decided to launch publicly. Since the competition, The AlphaApps have changed drastically, it is now owned by Charles Clayton and his former form tutor, Sumair Mohammad.

Sumair and Charles started as Form Tutor and Student in South London. Sumair provided Charles with an opportunity to join The AlphaApps while he was in Year 10. Charles' passion and determination for app development and leadership grew to a point where the entire team (including the leader at the time) chose to offer the 'position' of CEO to Charles.

Clayton has great ambitions for The AlphaApps. His long term goal is to develop a company that he can use to not only inspire the young people from his area, but actually provide opportunities for young people to see their real potential.

In an attempt to make this happen, while The AlphaApps is still so new, Charles set up a sub-team in his old school called 'AlphaApps Jr', in this team younger students were invited to join and work on projects of their own. The AlphaApps Jr project allowed members to develop Augmented Reality apps, learn about leadership and public speaking skills as well as get an understanding of social media management for Business.

From this sub-team, Charles and Sumair agreed to graduate one of it's members, Ethan, who has been appointed 'Chief Brand Ambassador' for The AlphaApps. Charles not only uses this as an opportunity to train Ethan with new skills, but he also aims to use it as an opportunity to mentor him and ensure Ethan is successful in school.

At present, The AlphaApps' main focus is developing smartphone games, their current social reach goes out to The United Kingdom, The United States, The United Arab Emirates and countries from Europe and South America.

The AlphaApps are also intersted in developing bespoke apps for clients. Feel free to use our contact section to express interest.

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